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Final update:
Beated Blaine
got Lucky egg from Bill
defeated Giovanni
got through Victory Road and trained there MASSIVE!
Arrived in Indigo Platuea

Defeated Lorelei

Defeated Bruno

Defeated Bertha

Defeated Lance

defeated Doesnt (Bleu/Green watheva)

Hall Of Fame


some other pics

I'm done completed it atleast, I might do a ultimate of blue but for now it's a bye-bye

NOTE: This was a hack of Fire Red, It was quite hard. Some of my Pokemon ended up level 70+ while the strongest Pokemon was level 70. The start was quite easy but after the Sliph Co. event trainers were scripted quite smart and knew to take my team down.
The difficultness is quite fun and I request everyone to play this hack of fire red (yet another fire red hack)
NOTE: Due that I forgot to take screens of some E4 fight ends on certain pictures Pokemon are not the same level because the picture was taken not straight in a row.

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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