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    Here's what I need:
    -The cyndaquil and larvitar their details:
    Larvitar, Male [Adamant] w/ Guts - 31/31/31/31/31/15
    Cyndaquil, Male [Timid] w/ Blaze - 21/11/26/31/31/31
    - This male Eeve: Male [Timid] w/ Adaptability - 19/2/30/31/31/31
    -This other Eevee: Male [Jolly] w/ Anticipation - 31/31/31/31/9/31
    -Dratini, Female [Jolly] w/ Shed Skin - 23/31/29/22/29/31
    -Solosis: Male [Quiet] w/ Magic Coat - 31/22/31/31/31/9
    Ditto Lv. 10 [Adamant] Limber
    OT: Trajan
    IVs - 31/31/31/24/31/31
    EVs - None
    If you don't have this, I need one of the Dittos for breeding, please, it's really important... If it can at least have 30-31 IVs in Att, Sp Att, and Speed.
    I hope you can take my request into consideration, thank you very much.

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