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    The problem with the whole 'people's choice' argument is that not a lot of people know just what they are putting into their bodies. All produce that isn't labeled as organic is genetically engineered and very, very likely to have had pesticides used on it. The problem with this is organic produce is more expensive because it's so difficult for farmers to get it tested to be correctly labeled, and it's a more demanding process, which makes the genetically engineered, pesticide-ridden produce more easily available at a much cheaper price.

    The only way to get real produce that you don't have to doubt at all is to grow it yourself, and realistically a very small minority of the population wants to do it, let alone has the motivation for it.

    That's just for produce, going into other dietary staples would make this post huge...

    Yoshikkko nailed it about losing weight, but I think diets can help if they focus on toxicity cleansing or strength training.
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