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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Assuming everyone will try to pair at the ball, two guys would probably end up being left out as there are 5 females compared to 7 guys, although I think one guy was going to be on security duty (cop out IMO ;P), so that one other guy will either be alone or he'll have to dance with an NPC. :P
I'm more than happy to supply some NPCs if anyone needs them, or feel free to create them yourselves as long as they're not in an important position of the house (ie a sector leader). The event doesn't strictly need any form of courtship, but it can't hurt to make it feel more exciting if everyone's got a pair in mind!

Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Yea the ball is more than likely going to involve rowdiness with Annabelle, though she will try to remain controlled. Though somebody had to just go and ruin her nap -.-
Well someone will have to react to Nova's speech... ;)

Right, today's the last do of uni so I'm packing & moving today, then tomorrow everything will be back on track! I believe there's still a couple thieves needing to be stopped (including one character that has yet to post), so the next story post will be made as soon as all 12 thieves are captured. :)
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