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Me & Rarity - we have a cat, we love to keep things clean, and very stylish. :)

Originally Posted by Houndour2005 View Post
Name one thing you have in common with your chosen pony (the one you chose when you signed up to this club!)

I love to be outside like AJ.

And so Wonderbolts Academy had leaked today.
My pair told me about that...last night? (can't remember...rocky memory!) As much as I reallyyyyy want to see that episode, I am better off waiting for it until my DVR can record it, or else there wouldn't be a point except for wasting hard drive space xD

I can't wait for it though!

Originally Posted by Blaze42 View Post
Is it ever too late to join? If not, then I'll join in. I can't promise that I'll post frequently, though.

Username:Blaze42, but you may call me Blaze.

Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle

Additional Info: I got into the show in September 2012. I first heard about through Youtube, but didn't think much of it. It all seemed so weird. Later on, I became a hater, but after deciding to watch it, I was instantly hooked. My friends and family know I am a Brony.
It's never too late~! Welcome aboard to the club <3 We could really use some Twi fans here! It's amazing that MLP could change opinion to the haters out there. Glad to see ya join!

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