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    As we are in the finishing stages of sprites, dialogues, and scripting for Beta 3, it is time for our first call for beta testers!
    If you are interested in playing the game early, helping us make improvements and contributing to the game’s development, please consider applying! All beta testers will have their names (or preferred internet handles) in the game’s credits, too!
    To make matters easier for us, we are doing it via our group on deviantArt [Click here!]. This doesn't mean you do need to do it through there, but it would be really helpful. Simply send the group a note saying that you are interested in helping us betatest, and ideally why you are interested as well, and in a few days you will be sent the download link to the latest 3.0 build. If you prefer to do it via PokeCommunity, send a PM saying the same thing.

    Keep in mind that beta testing is a commitment and not simply a chance to play the game early. Beta 3 is still incomplete, and there will likely be many bugs. We are also expecting that you will give us detailed feedback to help us improve, including the precise circumstances in which you encountered any errors. Also, the game is close to 8-10 hours long, and most of the new content is at the end! So dedication is a must.

    Thank you all for all of your interest and feedback! I hope those of you who have/had 2.1 are enjoyed it. When we start getting really close to the 3.0 release, we will be posting lots more screenshots, as well as bonus information on Fakemon and characters in the game, so there’s lots to look forward to.

    P.S.: We now have an group blog on Tumblr! And I'm proud to say that in less than one week we got over 500 followers! Be sure to follow us there for faster updates. [Click here]
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