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    Shucks I'm curious if it would be possible to use my current save file on Emerald.
    I've so far only trained/used my starter (right now Blaziken) and Linoone.
    Right now I'm saved in front of the 4th gym (Flannery).
    This hasn't been played in mind of a challenge, but because I haven't found anything fitting for my team I'm not really planning to use anything else. I'm indecisive in old-games where I can't trade.

    Name: rewy/Ivan
    Version: Emerald
    Pokemon: Blaziken/Linoone

    If it's okay to use this save, I'll post pics from where I am (camera yay) and continue from there...
    Since no one seems to know the answer, I guess I'll continue. Added the pics to attachments. They're a bit dark, since I had to turn off the lights to get a decent image of the DS screen without annoying flashes.

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