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Yes, original roleplays are very much welcome, just as any franchise that has at least some followers here. It's a good thing to ask in this thread first, to gauge some interest pre-release.

As such, I've mashed together some old VR ideas, discarded the SAO angle on the whole thing and come up with what's in the spoiler below. And this would allow more character interaction and more freedom than my other RP Checkmate does, where I'm pretty much narrating everything as the GM :p

rated M

We say that the universe is infinite, and that if there are boundaries to it, they are too far away for us to ever be able to leave. We are bound to our universe, as our auras are bound to our bodies. Well, that is what most say, at least. But there are a few people who are fated to step outside of our reality and enter another one, fated by the very fabric of paradox cosmos. Sounds complicated? Yes. But don't worry. All the details should become clear in due time. For now, let me just tell you about these few fated people. Let's call them the Players.

[... text I won't spoil until whenever the RP actually gets posted... ]

You are about to embark on the greatest of quests, the Ultimate Quest to solve the Ultimate Riddle. Your universe is not what you thought it was. Or rather, it doesn't work like you were told it does. You are about to get thrown out of it and pulled into another Medium, where many new Lands await you, filled to the brim with monsters of uncharted power and mystery. Unless you happen to have played a Pokémon game in your life. In that case, these monsters will appear quite familiar to you. Indeed quite very familiar. Ever wanted to become the greatest trainer? Now is your chance to become much more than that. Let's call it a god.

[... rules, more explanations and stuff that will be in the real thread... Basically, this RP will be quite long, confusing and hopefully thrilling. Superpowers ahead!!]

Is there someone who thinks they would consider joining such a RP?

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