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I feel like the one thing that people don't expect (and as you wrote off as extremely rare on the OP) was setting hazards. Yes, from the very little experience I have full-on stall doesn't appear like it's going to work well in NU. However, laying down SR (duh) and Spikes as a way to reduce switching from the opponent, limit spamming Volt Switch/U-Turn, and just help net extra KOs is really underrated. Honestly, Cacturne is extremely cute useful for setting down hazards. Helps with pesky Psychic types via Sucker Punch, Water Absorb is extremely helpful (especially since Sand Veil is banned grrrr), and it's just rather strong in general.

Plus on top of that, the majority of NU spinners are extremely entry hazard weak themselves (re: Armaldo), and even that one turn is going to hurt them from switching in. Spin blocking is entirely possible too, so it's not like hazards are useless. Just my two cents though =x