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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I'm not so sure about that, a desperate person will go through whatever means necessary. Heavier gun control or not, there's always going to be illegal gun activity. If someone wants will to kill so many small children, something like procuring a gun legally isn't very likely to stop them. If someone's just angry? Yeah, then it'll do some good, but if you're as far gone as seeing nothing wrong with killing so many children, you'll find a way.
I don't want to be the ones to explain to the victim's families that we just care more about our right to have a machine gun than the lives of their children. And I don't want to be the one explaining that we don't want to "bother" with stricter gun laws since it won't stop all shootings everywhere forever, although it would have stopped their child/brother/cousin/best friend from being murdered.

Do you want to explain to them then?

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