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    Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,Hg,SS
    Sure, why not.

    Berry Trees Back
    That should really be good. We don't need to use Dreamworld in order to get those berries. I wanna plant them myself (except if the battery died.)

    New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
    That would be redundant.

    Multiple Regions
    That I'd rather not have. Multiple region content sucked in Pokemon Gold and Silver, but they made an improvement on the remakes. If they're gonna go for multiple region, then it better not be as bad as it was in Gold and Silver.

    Battle Frontier return
    Haven't bothered with Frontier.

    New Starter types
    Game Freak seriously needs to knock it off with Fire/Fighting type starter. That is getting redundant as ever. Let's make it like Grass/Psychic, Fire/Steel, and Water/Dark.

    Dark type Gym Leader
    It needs to freaking happen, Game Freak. We need a Dark type Gymleader.

    Tournament instead of elite four
    That would be a replacement if it were to happen, only if you gain the experience points.

    Return of team rocket

    New eeveelutions
    Don't care.

    New storyline(Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys)
    Doesn't matter to me that much.

    As for the Game Corner, DEAR GOD NO! We don't need Game Corner anymore since we're allowed to use TMs as many as we want. Why want a Game Corner that is luck based? It's stupid as Mystery Mastery Books in Maple Story.