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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I don't want to be the ones to explain to the victim's families that we just care more about our right to have a machine gun than the lives of their children. And I don't want to be the one explaining that we don't want to "bother" with stricter gun laws since it won't stop all shootings everywhere forever, although it would have stopped their child/brother/cousin/best friend from being murdered.

Do you want to explain to them then?
That correlation makes no sense. I would never stop anyone from trying to enact harsher gun control laws, I just think they won't stop much of any crime in a country this size, that doesn't mean I'll be happy to tell people they've lost their loved ones and frankly, it's insulting for you to believe that nonsense is true. My own brother was held up at gun point by a criminal with multiple convictions, a criminal who was out on the streets less the two weeks after he robbed my brother feet from our doorsteps. If an individual is intent on working outside of the law, they will find a way to procure weapons. I find it hard to believe that many of these shooters would have been stopped by tighter gun control laws - they would have just found other means of getting what they need. I'm not focusing on a random guy who has a small grudge and threatens someone with a gun, but someone with the wherewithal to even think about attempting something like this. We need to work on keeping criminals off the streets and getting people the help they need first and foremost.
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