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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    Just as the flamboyant boy arrived, he left. He's quite awkward in Xoxaa's mind, so much so that he acts as a source of humor, unbeknownst to him. Of course, this left a void in the other woman's attention, so naturally her focus shifted to Xoxaa. She then approaches, disembarking with a graceful leap onto the pier, and continues to approach the girl. Naturally, Xoxaa's gaze stays glued downward, fixated on the older woman's legs once she stopped. Out of the corner of her eyes, Xoxaa spotted the woman's eyes aiming elsewhere, towards the sun.

    "Are you feeling ill, Xoxaa?", the woman spoke calmly, her mind, once again focusing not on duty but rather the overall well-being of her allies and subordinates.

    Xoxaa's eyes shift upward with the rest of her head, still lower, but she was this time seeing the woman's upper body, such as her shoulders. The situation softened the previous mood Xoxaa had, after evidence of the woman's intentions were revealed.

    "No..." she responded softly, visibly more at ease, but her eyes still defiant, unwilling to meet the woman face-to-face.

    "The others!" dawning on Xoxaa, her eyes widening along with her head tilting back to its original position, she recalls the details she heard uttered by the guards earlier. "There were 12 according to the guards, but at this location there's only one. I can assume that the others heard about the criminals and went out to pursue them, but where the other members decided to deploy in correspondence with the last spotted location of the thieves is intelligence that I don't have."

    She then shifts her focus back to town, aware of the existence of other thieves. Taking a few steps towards town, she then abruptly stops, not bothering to turn around to speak with the woman despite her presence a few yards behind her. Her composure, now much more at ease and with an air of confidence in her voice, prompts her to speak, bringing her acknowledgement of the circumstances to light.

    "There are other thieves on the loose. We should look for them."
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