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    Hi everyone!
    So I guess this is a somewhat different thread than the usual ones you see in here.
    I have already beaten the Elite Four and completed the game, well most of it, and now I'm working on creating my Competitive teams. I'm a "perfection" maniac, so I have been thinking about this for a long time, what Pokemon to use and what not. I have already chosen the Pokemon I want to use, but I need your help on deciding which Pokemon to put in a certain team with which other Pokemon.
    Here's my list:

    There is a total of 30 Pokemon, so that means 5 teams,which will be changed depending on the person I'll play with. I don't want to create type-only teams (such as only fire types, etc.), but I want to spread the Pokemon wisely instead.
    I know this is a hard work, but I am patient, you don't have to write all the EV spreads and nature of each Pokemon, just spread them on different teams based on what you think.
    I would appreciate any reply !