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    Hello, I've been doing a lot of research on the original base sets and everything. I recently bought 4 charizard cards. 2 of them have a little black mark beside the bottom right of the portrait, and the other 2 are base set 1 charizards without the black checkish mark. I've been looking online and I think the checked ones are unlimited? but cant find their worth. i haven't received them yet so I don't know if the other 2 are shadowless or not. prices for each? also,
    1st edition shining celebi, mint
    I'm asking because I'm looking to buy this lot of 130+ holos from someone locally for about $160, and they're all holos from base set 1 to the dark pokemon (I think, i haven't seen them all). Some are 1st edition, some aren't. Just wanna make sure it's worth the money.