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    Originally Posted by Chip View Post
    I want to adopt a shiny happiny or shiny blissey, as lowest level as possible. I don't have much to give back, my FC is 3869 6616 0765 on White 2.

    I let you know about the nick later.
    I don't have one, sorry
    Originally Posted by Dgafinbob View Post
    hey gingi hows it going. you traded me a speed boost torchic when they first came out! also traded you iris's axew. good to see your still doing this, i was wondering if you had a modest keldeo from gamestop? if not totally cool but got white 2 and want to do the event. dontt have much to offer but ill let you kno what i got!
    I do have a modest keldeo from gamestop, what events or flawless pkmn do you have to offer?
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