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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

A little direction would have been nice, Adam thought to himself , hands in his pockets. Then again, that'd be too much to ask for. He sighed to himself and continued walking. His exploit rested entirely on the idea that there would only be one criminal to go after at a time, but he wasn't so sure if he'd be so lucky. The letter, at least as Mina explained it, implied that he would only have to go after one, which he found to be odd. Granted, there were definitely more than enough arcana users to take care of the thieves, it wouldn't have been surprising if he were met with more than one, especially since he only brought his dagger with him. He did wonder if he should have brought Mina along in the case that the criminal was more than he could handle alone. Though...he'd been walking around for quite a while. He was getting pretty pissed off.

"Oh, Adam, is that you?" Yet another familiar voice; it seemed to belong to a middle-aged woman, probably slightly large in size. Adam turned to see who it was. It was Georgia, a woman who sold fish behind a nearby kiosk. "Oh, it is you!" He thought it slightly funny that she wasn't sure if it was him, reason being that not many people he knew dressed like he did and had white hair, not even his father, as he inherited his white hair from his mother. "I've been seeing many of La Famiglia members running here and there, it's probably because of those strange people that were running about last night."

Ah, a witness, what luck! "You heard the commotion last night, ma'am?" Adam said, drawing closer to the counter.

"I did," she confirmed. "They were a ways away, but their footsteps were rather loud when they were in a group. I just happened to be here doing inventory when they were doing...whatever it was that they were doing."

Adam rubbed his chin with his pointer finger and thought for a few moments. "Did you happen to see any of them? Did you see where they went?"

The woman nodded and said, "Just one. Actually, that's why needed to talk to you." Adam shook his head and asked what it was that she needed. "Well...this one didn't seem to notice me and took shelter in the Cold Storage Facility." She pointed to something of a small structure next to her. It wasn't exactly what one would consider a "Facility" by its size or even its external appearance, but it did the job of one. "Which is a problem, because I don't have a place to store my fish. All the members of sword seem to be occupied with something...but you seem to be free."

"It's my duty to serve." Adam said with a smile and bowed. He then walked towards the facility and looked at the door. Knowing that the guard was probably waiting for him, he unbuttoned a button near the bottom of his polo and slid his dagger inside and placed it between his stomach and his pants, for easy access. He opened the door slowly, yet casually. He entered, closing the door behind him so as not to involve any civilians. He looked left and right, scanning his surroundings. Surprisingly, there were a lot of hiding spots for such a pathetically small building. Of course, these “hiding spots” were, for the most part, frozen fish. It was really less safe for him here than it would have been in jail, as he could die of hypothermia or some bacterial disease. Fear can make man do strange things.

“Don’t move! Put your hands in the air and stand still!” A voice shouted from Adam’s side. Adam was surprised at the amount of energy this man had and how much power was in his voice, despite him having been in a freezer for several hours. However, that’s all that surprised him. He was expecting the criminal to be close by, and it only made sense that he’d get a jump on just one other person, especially one with Adam’s build. Adam complied and raised his hands, boring a grin on his mug. “Tell me who you are!” The man demanded.

“I plead the fifth,” Adam replied with a chuckle.

The man was clearly pissed off, probably taking out frustration and fear that had pent up in the time until now. “Don’t screw with me! I’ll cut your-“

“You wouldn’t dare.” Adam interrupted. He kept his hands up and turned to face the man, who had a dagger close to Adam’s neck. “You might nick me, and you might cut me, but you won’t kill me. You can’t.”

“Don’t think I’m afraid to kill you, I’ve killed before!” The criminal yelled, bringing the knife closer to Adam’s neck, his frustrations mounting. He seemed as if he was completely willing to kill Adam, and he probably was. He showed no signs of being nervous, and he was pretty convicted to the idea of killing this arrogant punk that was standing in front of them. Still, this didn’t seem to faze Adam at all.

Adam put his hands in his pockets and laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you have, but you can’t kill me: I’m better than you.” Even angrier now, the thief shoved the knife into Adam’s neck; he didn’t pierce it, but he was putting pressure on it. Still, even to Adam’s surprise, the arcana user wasn’t at all scared of being killed on the spot. Adam felt in control, his advantage became apparent not long after uttering his statement. The criminal’s hand started to shake and the pressure applied to Adam’s neck started to lessen. Slowly, the criminal withdrew his weapon. This was really the first time Adam had used his arcana’s ability in a life-threatening situation of this nature…but wasn’t over. Adam didn’t have control over the man’s actions or even his thoughts, so his next move was still unpredictable. Unfortunately, Adam was too caught up in his moment of triumph to think logically, and was promptly punched in the stomach by the criminal. The thief made his way out of the facility while Adam was writhing in pain. Adam made quick to follow him, but once he was outside the facility he found that the man had taken hold of a hostage. Georgia had been captured by the thief and was being held at knifepoint.

“Don’t move or the woman gets it.” The man said, pressing the knife against the Georgia’s neck with his knife. Georgia was filled with terror, but he had his other hand over her mouth so she wasn’t able to scream. Adam again assessed the situation. It was a by-the-book scenario that Adam’d scene time and again. He’d actually trained for scenario’s like this…but Adam didn’t feel that he should go the diplomatic route; he was done talking to such a generic character. He scanned the man’s makeup and his position, calculating the right way to execute his plan. He then took a stance that confused the criminal and quickly took out his dagger from his pants and threw it at the man. The assailant didn’t see it coming, and he didn’t feel it immediately, but after a few moments he noticed a piercing pain coming from his ear, followed by the copious amounts of blood leaking from his head to his shoulder. He started to freak out and accidentally released Georgia. Adam took advantage of this situation and ran up to the man, jumping on the counter of the kiosk and smashing the man’s head into the back of the fish stand, knocking him unconscious.

He removed his dagger from the wall and wiped off the blood that was on it with the criminal’s shirt. “If you would, Ms.Georgia, I’d be delighted if you could get a member of sword to take this criminal to jail.” Georgia was still shaken by the whole incident, but she shook her head and thanked him for all the help. Adam received her gratitude and headed back to the main house.
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