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    Oda Baldotter
    The Apprentice's response was brief, but it was enough to calm Oda's worries for the moment. The Adept would have been far more anxious than normal, were there to be some sort of outbreak brought to the island by the thieves, and even more so if any of the Famiglia had caught it. The girl's meek nature was a curiosity, though, but the confidence with which she spoke next told the woman that not putting pressure on her was working, if only in a minor way.

    "There are." Oda confirmed, or at least by her count, and the line of guards leaving the yacht seemed to indicate that no more thieves were within its corridors. She turned away from watching the turn of day into night, and took a few more steps towards the young woman, only to stop a few paces behind her. Though she wanted to ask questions of Xoxaa, this was not the time for it, but she hoped that there would be time at the ball. "There will probably be one in the caves, or looking for a plane."

    She offered the choices to not burden Xoxaa with the pressure of thinking up where to find them herself, but allowing her the confidence to choose or come up with her own decision regardless.
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