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    Only one thing in common between Twilight Sparkle and me? There's just so much.

    The both of us started out as very socially awkward readers, preferring the company of books over people. It wasn't until we both "moved" (her to Ponyville, me finally getting Internet access) that we discovered that friendship is indeed magic. We both live in buildings full of books. There's also a shared interest in astronomy. Although I'm not as organized as she is, we both make lists to get things done. Also, we're both always practicing to get better at our abilities.

    Finally saw Sleepless in Ponyville, and
    I love it. Scootaloo is my favorite of the CMC, and it's great to see her finally get her own episode. The way that she tried to impress Rainbow Dash reminded me so much of how a little kid acts around their "hero". I have to give a compliment to the screenwriter for this episode. Since it's the first one they wrote for FiM, they're off to a great start.

    Personally, Luna felt out-of-place in the episode. She didn't seem all that necessary, since Scoots could have just confessed to Dash after the waterfall scene on her own. I hope that Luna's dream-entering abilities come into play later in the season. Still, it was great to see her again.

    The ending of the episode made me smile. So adorable, and shows that not only did Scoots mature, but so did Dash. Great episode for the both of them.
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