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Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
You can have the egg move zorua and skarmory for free, those are very easy to breed.
And sure, I'll put those egg moves on my eevees. All the parents I own have those egg moves, so it's easy.
As for your entralink forest you can go to them, start the "battle" and see if they're male of female. You can run from them if you don't wanna catch them and they'll remain in the forest. As for the tree of dreams in the dream world, it gets reset every time you bring a pokémon from there so don't be surprised when they disappear =P
From all those you mentioned I don't have trapinch. It's not a very valuable pokémon, but I'm aiming to "catch 'em all" So, trapinch it is. If you have any more DWf I don't have I accept them :D
What do you mean by "start the battle"? The Pokemon that I said that I don't know the gender, are still in my Tree of Wishes, since I can only get 1 Pokemon per day.
Also about the resetting thing, I had Pokemon from three days ago, and I retrieved the Trapinch today, how come it didn't release the Pokemon that had already become my friends and were in the list for about three days (the Trapinch was befriended yesterday, but transferred to Entralink today, IDk if this matters)???
I'm available now, if you don't have the baby Pokemon with you at the moment, it's okay, I can do it later. I will give you Trapinch and I'll message you whenever I catch a female on Dream World, is that okay with you ?
Thanks again!!!

Hey, besides the Pokemon that I have already asked you for, can you make it 3 eevees please? The third one should be male, with Timid Nature, 31IVs in Sp Attack and Speed.
Sorry for my greedyness, I just decided I needed a Jolteon as well ...

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