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    Jet Stryker - Level 17
    Floor 8 - Dovren


    Huh. Jet wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought of that, though he might have if given time, but—


    Yikes! Jet remained silent as Daniel ignored Tara’s outburst, eventually picking up the child and carting her off to, presumably, a bed. “I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a father in real life,” he commented once the others had left the room, picking up the pot of stew. Personally, Jet often felt uncomfortable around children who complained in a similar manner; the feeling was worse after having personally raised Tara for two weeks. After putting it away as Daniel had asked, then leaving his own bowl and utensils in the sink, Jet swiped his hand to bring up his inventory screen. He had been able to improve his equipment a bit, as there had luckily been a few craftspeople still on the first two floors, but not enough to be satisfied.

    After equipping his armor and such, Jet waited for Daniel to reappear in the room. When the older man came back, he shrugged. “I’m as ready as I can be without runnin’ off to the marketplace,” Jet replied. He scratched his head before adding, “Um, sorry ‘bout, well, all that. She’d started out eating more to grow, an’ I, uh, never felt like I should’ve restricted that.” After a moment, he shook his head. “Anyways, off to that dungeon. Let’s hope Tara doesn’t shift and fly outta here to join us, or wreck the house or somethin’.” Jet turned and opened the door.


    It didn’t take long to get to Floor 8’s dungeon. Trouble, however, arose before Jet ever set foot in the boss room.

    “Jet Stryker!”

    Oh, no. Jet groaned silently to himself as he stopped, several paces from the doors as another player strode up to him. “Can’t this wait ‘til after the boss fight, Dexter?” the teenager asked, hands itching to pull out his daggers. “I know you hate me an’ all, but—“

    “I can wait a minute before joining in,” Dexter interrupted, his face impassive. He was, to Jet’s eyes, a pillar: tall, round, and hard as rock. The six-foot-easy man was dressed in full battle-gear, designed to provide as much defense as possible without slowing him down too much. Dexter dropped the head of his Greataxe on the ground and leaned on the handle, staring down at Jet. “I didn’t appreciate your remark, by the way,” he continued, his voice gravelly. Dexter’s voice dropped as he spoke, the words meant for Jet’s ears only: “I just stopped to remind you of our meeting. You will come, whether I drag you along or not.” His volume returning to normal, he grinned as he added, “Assuming that you live through this fight.”

    “Oy, you two coming or not?!” Jet turned to spy one of his friends, Kaiser, walking by with a questioning look on his face. He, too, was decked out in battle-gear, Broadsword on back as usual. After glancing at Dexter, Kaiser added, “If you are, then set aside whatever else you might have.”

    Jet gave a mock salute to Dexter before dodging around him to walk into the boss room, daggers in hands. Need to settle this conflict somehow, once the battle’s done.

    The boss immediately reminded him of Medusa: snake-hair, lower snake half…I wonder if she can petrify her victims, too. Considering his level and somewhat under-leveled equipment, Jet hung back to watch as other players didn’t hesitate to attack the boss. It quickly became evident that Salathar’s main defense was her ability to keep multiple players away by striking at them with her snakelike hair and sweeping with her tail. He’d have to watch out for those.

    After a minute, during which he spied both Kaiser and Dexter fighting, Jet activated his Speed skill to dart in and swipe at Salathar’s tail, which immediately retaliated by sweeping at him from the side. He hopped over it, only to back up as he parried one of her snakes with a dagger. Jet tried to follow his parry with a cutting swing from his other dagger, but the snake coiled out of range, allowing the tail to swing back. Jet found himself flying back a few feet from the impact; his health bar dropped by about a fourth. Snap. I need to get better gear.

    As Jet pushed himself up and checked that he wasn’t in Salathar’s range, the boss locked eyes with a player who’d stopped to rest. Within seconds, the player had turned his sword upon himself and begun stabbing. Jet’s eyes widened before he turned his head away. He’d have to avoid that, as well.

    Jet sheathed a dagger before pulling out a Minor Attack Potion, the last one he had at the moment. He quaffed the potion before pulling his dagger out again and dashing at Salathar’s back, the potion giving a minor boost to his damage output. He ducked under the lashing tail, swiping at it with his Seraph-Dagger as it passed, before jumping forward to plunge both daggers into the tail. Jet quickly pulled away as both the tail’s end and three snake-heads came at him. He parried the first head, sliced off the second, flinched as the third struck, and rolled with the tail’s attack to minimize the damage a bit. His bar now read in the yellow.

    Again out of Salathar’s range, Jet picked himself up as another player flashed and yelled,


    Say, what? Jet had pulled out a healing potion, only to see the player lock eyes with Salathar. No! What was she thinki- Wait, the boss was distracted by her staring contest. After drinking the potion, Jet darted back into the fray to leave another cut and plunge in Salathar’s tail. When she broke focus and began retaliating, Jet retreated with the other players, darting in every time another staring contest had begun. He began thinking that even if this tactic could be repeated, the tail and snake-hair would still be around.

    Finding Kaiser and Dexter on both sides of him after one retreat, Jet noted their weapons. There was an idea. “Kaiser, can you try spearin’ her tail to the ground with your sword next time? It should keep it outta the fight for a few seconds. Dexter, chop off what you can. I’m goin’ for the hair.” And maybe the head.

    Kaiser nodded, but Dexter didn’t give any indication that he’d agreed. Jet activated his Speed Sword skill, making his daggers grow three inches longer. He hung around Salathar’s back until he saw her begin another staring contest. “Now!”

    Kaiser jumped forward and stabbed his sword down at the slowed tail, while Dexter followed with an attempt to decapitate what he could of the tail’s end. Jet, meanwhile, had run forward, dragging one dagger along Salathar’s tail for a couple seconds before bringing both daggers up to slice off more of the snake-hair. If he got the chance, Jet had a thought to try and lop off Salathar’s head.
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