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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    There is an interesting point in that. Crobat is one of the Pokemon that evolves only if it is happy enough, so one can argue at least he kept his Pokemon happy.
    I can put up a couple of counter arguements to that. One, he could've stolen that Crobat. Two, he could've let another Team Galactic member (maybe a scientist member) train/evolve it for him.

    If you are reading through TG grunts'/commanders' lines after you beat them, they say stuff like "oh, they'll take away my pokemon because I lost to you and I'll be the gruntiest of grunts" or something like that (grunt with not one pokemon). Likewise, one of the commanders or more than one say after losing to you, they'll get better pokemon to defeat you next time. I think there is a pokemon pool of TG, probably most are stolen and maybe trained I dunno, and they pick or are given the pokemon according to their ranks. Thus, I don't think Cyrus raised that Crobat or he is a good guy.

    He is just pathetic and lonely and has developed wrong ideas about the world around him and what/how it should be. He is so wrong and hopeless, gamers feeling pity for him and that probably leads them to think that he is a good guy deep down.
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