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    I have these cards, all of which in great condition (which is why I would consider getting them graded).

    Gengar 1st Edition Fossil
    Shining Magikarp 66/64
    Japanese Shining Noctowl No. 164
    Shining Steelix 112/105
    Shining Tyranitar 113/105
    Shining Kabutops 108/105
    Base Set Charizard
    Japanese Red Gyarados 3 stars No. 130

    Should I get them graded? Who would you recommend grade them?

    I have a collection of over 350 HOLOS, all are in good-excellent condition, should I just get them all graded or would that be way too expensive? (I also have over 1,500 non holo's as well as topps cards). Whats the best way to go about selling them? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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