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    Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
    I think Dragon Pulse and Flash Cannon should use different animations, but that's just me. And is it possible to import a custom Focus Blast background?

    The hack looks really good. Keep it up
    Dragon Pulse might change, but idk a better idea. Besides, in the Gen III games, lots of Dragon moves had fire effects. Also, Outrage has a new animation, it now has the blue flames background that my new Dragon-type moves have. As for Flash Cannon, the Signal Beam animation is the only move with red circles, so I chose that.

    And I am not making anymore backgrounds, since it was a total pain in the rear to add the backgrounds. I had to first repoint and expand the background table, then insert custom graphics & tilemaps into free space, then manually point to that free space with a hex editor.

    On the bright side, I'm open for new animation ideas that don't involve new backgrounds, since it's really easy to make a new animation. It's a separate table, that PGE supports, so all I have to do to make a new animation is to change the animation offset for whatever attack with PGE.

    Originally Posted by Shiny Zard View Post
    This is looking greatt! But just wondering, but will EVERTHING from Red and blue be here? Cause that would be so sick xD
    Care to elaborate on what you mean by "EVERYTHING from Red and blue"? Yeah, I've said this will be very different from FR/LG, but this is still a Kanto game, and this is still a remake of the original games. "EVERYTHING" will be there, even though I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. I'm not removing anything.

    except I'm removing Poke Marts and merging them with Pokemon Centers like in the Unova games, lol