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    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
    The hack is turning out to be my favourite on here, I love all the music you have inserted and from the sounds of things you really know what your doing because the music is really good quality work.
    The battle boxes are really awesome, they match everything really nice,
    One question though, will Cinnabar Volcano have erupted in your timeline seeing your using the HG/SS Kanto maps?
    This hack takes place before the volcano erupted. Therefore, Cinnabar Island will be present in all of its 1st Gen glory, with the lab, the burned mansion, the Gym, and all that. The shape of the island will be the same as in HG/SS however, I'm going to try and make it look like what the HG/SS Cinnabar Island was 3 years ago.

    Also guys, keep in mind that even though my maps are heavily based off of HG/SS layouts, there will still be some changes. This hack is not being designed as a new HG/SS prequel, this hack is an entirely separate canon from the official games. This hack is part of a planned series that I call, "The Pokémon Saga". Even though it's unrealistic that I will finish the series in its entirety, I'm going to work on my hacks with the assumption that they'll all be finished. That being said, the sequel to Pokémon DarkViolet will be called Pokémon DarkCrystal, and it will basically be a G/S/C/HG/SS remake, but taking place within the Pokémon Saga timeline, meaning that it will acknowledge events from Pokémon DarkViolet, rather than the official games. As for what that has to do with Cinnabar Island, in the planned sequel to this hack, Pokémon DarkCrystal, Cinnabar will have erupted by then.