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Finally on the Fifth Gen wagon! Got my copy of Black about three hours ago; early Christmas gift from my fiancee. I chose Tepig, since I prefer Fire-Type Pokemon. I must admit, I'm loving this game! Enhanced graphics, battle system, music.. everything! Will definitely be devoting some time to this game.

I arrived in the first city, Acumula, and just finished the Poke Center Tutorial with Professor Juniper. I love how the Poke Center and Poke Mart have been blended together. That is something that I thought should have happened way back (I know, right.. JUST started playing Pokemon two weeks ago, with Pearl) with separate centers for each. Then again, if they had.. there would be no room for advanced programming and progress for later generations/installments.

Currently working on building my team up, and catching a few more Pokemon to bolster my ranks. Now to get the fiancee her copy of White.

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