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I think it is bad that they are doing this to in game Pokemon now. I understand that they dont want Wondercard Pokemon to be shiny unless they set it to be, but I dont know how to feel about applying it to Pokemon in game. Im dissapointed I could not get these legendaries shiny. I do agree that Game Freak is probably annoyed by RNG abusers but this seems a bit much and is kind of an unfair thing to do to the many other players that like shinies and never RNG abuse, like myself, although, this dosent discourage RNG abuse any more really, people will still do it. I hope this kinda thing wont be in Gen 6, but I have a feeling it probably will. I cant really guess any real reason they did this other than that, I hope they will give us a shiny Reshiram/Zekrom and Victini event in the future, but Im not getting my hopes up.
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