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    Hey people; been a while in my case....let's get to it.

    What is your most favorite Zone out all the Sonic Games so Far? Top 3 and from which game?
    This is hard for me personally, since I'm not really picky when it comes to stages/acts/zones. But I'll give three from the 'eras' if that's fine.

    Classic Era
    1: Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1) - Why not? It's the one that started it all. Strong, vibrant colors, catchy-as-ever music and sent the tone of what a tropical paradise-like area for Sonic to traverse.
    2: Hyrdocity Zone (Sonic 3) - The music here alone is why I like this level. It's so damn catchy, especially Act 2. And it's likely the most recognizable water-trope starter in the Sonic series (that people enjoyed...screw Labyrinth Zone. lol)
    3: Lava Reef Zone (Sonic and Knuckles) - Storyline-wise this area is important. The tone of the game changes as you go through the insides of Angel Island. The Death Egg's visage plugged into the island's volcano, the Hidden Palace, the this place is awesome. And the music. Don't forget the music.

    Dreamcast Era:
    1:Cannon's Core (SA2) - The feel of going through the level with the ARK on it's crash course gave this level a sense of importance. The music helped with that as well.
    2: Rail Canyon/Bullet Station - Crappy rail-physics aside, I loved the aesthetic of the level being somewhere in the Grand Canyon of sorts. I liked that trope, and the theme worked pretty well.
    3: Egg Fleet/Final Fortress: I love this level, and personally wished Egg Fleet made it in Generations over Seaside Hill. Fighting through Eggman's armada and blowing stuff up...epic.

    Modern Era:
    1: Sweet Mountain - Cmon, a Zone where the landscape and machinery is based after sweets and pastries? That is a trope that I thought never would happen in Sonic game. The music, a jazzy mix of bass and trumpet, compliment the level fairly well.
    2: Crisis City (Modern) - Simply put, what 2006's level would have been like. The violins of the Modern's music made it feel more at home.
    3:City Escape (Modern) - More colorful, the music is great and homage to the original, and the G.U.N. truck is more challenging.

    Who is your favorite villain?

    Eggman, by far. Especially in his recent outings. Yeah he can be a goofball, but think about how he portrayed himself from Unleashed towards Generations. He is still smart enough to outwit Sonic on his best day in the Unleashed opening.Plus, his own sanity slippage in Generations is the icing on the cake. Why that is how ruthless he can still be without degrading to all evil, no substance.

    And he was able to control the Monster of the Week for ONCE.