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    Originally Posted by romeotatted View Post
    so ive encountered a problem,im on episode 61 "the misty mermaid" an ive just exit the cave that takes me to the town where mistys gym is at,as i walk towards the pc outside of the cave i dont get an event in which the phone is supposed to ring,it doesnt happens an ive tryed reloadin my data frm before i exit the cave an its still the same,ive done everythin that happens in the anime i havent skipped an episode,ive evolved my pokemon exactly when they evolve in the anime,(example:my charmeleon evolved after i beat aradactle or how ever his name is spelled",if ur gonna recommend me to skip this episode can u at least verify to me dat it wont effect any other episodes?

    ty for the answer,ill tale the better option an just restart to not have any issues in the future
    My theory is that the latest beta has some problems triggering that event because when I also played Ash Grey I only missed that event too so by dear friend you are not alone in this.
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