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Originally Posted by Satycorn89 View Post
Oh I see, I really liked that move... I don't have any Pokemon that can learn it :/.. What if instead of the Jolteon I make an Umbreon and teach it Wish and Curse, will that work? What moveset would you suggest?
For Leafeon I was thinking this:
-Leaf Blade

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Leafeon should have this:

-Swords Dance
-Leaf Blade
-X-Scissor/Return/Iron Tail

Yes Umbreon would work, since it fits it. And here what it should have:

-Payback/Foul Play

And like I said, give it to the ones that fit it. Wait, don't give Vaporeon Curse, since it'll slow it down, Umbreon's the best idea for that.