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    Hi guys. I was thinking about this for a while. Making it into a game wasn't really my first thought and I'm not sure if it's a good idea but let's see, shall we?

    Game is about wishing for a pokemon that doesn't exist in any generation. However, there are some rules. The main part of the game is coming up with new evolutions for pokemon that are not known to evolve into anything and which usually suck (example: Dunsparce). Thus, the name; The Forgotten Pokémon.

    1. Legendaries are banned.

    2. You can give a second evolution to a pokemon which doesn't already have it. Example: Lickitung has one evolution in Lickylicky, so you can give it a second evolution or give it a pre-evolution. Or give a pokemon which doesn't evolve a first and second evolution (example: Dunsparce following the example above) or only just one evolution. You decide.

    3. Pokemon who already has two stages of evolution are banned. Example: Charmander-->Charmeleon-->Charizard. Two stages of evolution. Banned.

    4. You are free to change the pokemon's type when you evolve it. Don't go crazy giving its pre-evolution, the pokemon and its last stage all different types though. Be reasonable.

    5. You are free to describe your new evolutionary line for said pokemon in as much detail as you want. You can even try your hand at drawing to better describe if you want. Names are not mandatory since I'm no good at coming up with names

    Let your imagination go wild!

    Ok, I'll start.

    I remember seeing Dunsparce a lot in a cave in one of the old games. I'm not sure if I tried to train it now but I remember it knowing/learning a dragon type attack.

    First stage, it evolves into a circular cocoon. Visualize Whirlipede. It's type is Normal/Dragon. Next stage it evolves into a dragon with wings. Has same colors as Dunsparce. Type is Normal/Dragon again.

    You can have a look at typing at here: or here: (Click on "show all types" if you don't see your typing there.).
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