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Originally Posted by Kura View Post

And.. had a "checkpoint" today after 3 and a half weeks of 3-times-a-week-workouts at the gym..
My arms are the same, I lost 2cm around each thigh and 2 cm off the hips(86 to 84cm) ; but for some reason gained 2 cm around the waist ;o;..(69 to 71) hopefully just because of bloating/ water retention :c siiigghhh
I thought I ate well already but maybe I need to be stricter on my diet...? :c
I doubt you have put on fat around your waist if you are working out hard and doing cardio. It could be a number of things, most probably water retention. Drink more water and it gets rid of it, you get it especially when you're dehydrated. Also sodium can do it so if you eat alot of salts foods.

As you're a woman, you're more inclined to gain muscles with more effort than men. But as I've said before, size doesn't mean actually strenght and resistence.
If you're exercising your body so you must not eat less than you was eating before. What you have to do is eat energetic and healthy food in 3 to 5 balanced meals per day. If you don't do that and stop eating well, your body will think that you're at a scarcity period and will store more fat than it normally does.
^This pretty much. Your body also would rather burn and break down muscle for energy than fat in periods of "starvation/lack of eating".

Originally Posted by Destructor View Post
Well, first off, in regards to your question of strength or size, I definately go for strength. I love to build muscle, but I'm certainly not trying to go all Arnold.

As for routines, I was hoping I wouldn't be asked that. I actually don't have a fixed routine. What muscle groups on which days are fixed, but I try to do completely new exercises for a different number of sets and reps each week. I hate doing the same things over and over in a constant, never-ending cycle; my diet isn't anything special either. I just stay away from junk food for the most part, and aside that, I eat mostly fruits and vegis. It's nothing I could form a chart or schedule from, as I can assure you I'm the most boring person when it comes to stuff like this. I'm sorry if you take offense to that and wish for me to leave the club.
Hi. If you're training you are definitely going to want to eat more than just fruits and veggies. Protein is very important in any form of training, whether it be strength or size.
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