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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
In the manga/anime there are more than 8 gyms per region. I guess the Elite Four can't leave their region because they are the only Elite Four; and the champions are at PWT because the main characters are in the Champion position. In every generation, Gyms are often closed with the leader off doing something or other.
Hmm, there were some E4 member doing something off-duty like Lorelei dealing with team rocket on fourth island , Bruno regularly visisting Sevi islands Spa , as of lance it isn't clear if was so free spirited as E4-member , Koga is said to patrol the Safari zones, whcih are all not places of their representative reign
and in the manga and anime the E4 members are even more off-duty then gym leaders.

E4 Phoebe often trains in Mt. Pyre, Flint visits his friend volkens for a sparring match, Lucian is seen at the Canalave Libary for some reading. they're prety much spending free time and in some cases even go out region

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