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Beck de Telarius: The Hermit

At first, Marcus' fist coming to the rescue was a huge relief and when Beck felt his body slump back onto the deck, he let out a big sigh. It was when he made eye contact with his eldest brother that he felt the guilt and pressure set back in, his brother's scolding and disappointing eyes piercing Beck's heart, like it usually did. Beck despised these eyes on so many levels; it was like his father telling him he wasn't good enough, except it was coming from one who should be empathetic with him. It sucked.

Marcus quickly dealt with the criminal, knocking him unconscious. Beck didn't stick around to know how he finished him off. Instead, he slipped into invisibility and skulked off the ship, taking notice that both Flint and Camellia seemed to be doing alright on their own (well, Camellia had taken a dip into the water but not without Flint quickly coming to her aid. He didn't give Camellia those horrible looks that Marcus did.

Because there was not much else to do (the boat was now unusable which meant the criminals had no way out, unless they got a smaller boat. But a smaller boat meant smaller loot), Beck hurried back to the Famiglia mansion, passing other members as a ghost but not saying a word. When he had reached the front gates, Beck let himself become visible again and wandered around to find something to do. A bit of shouts led his eyes to a small argument or something between Ari and Annabell, who were also members of the Famiglia. He also found Aerous, who had stopped for a second to say something before moving on. Beck didn't add any words to any conversation at risk he may be pulled into it. He kept his head down and hurried past the girls to his own room.

He closed the door behind him and sighed, his knees giving way and sliding slowly so he was not kneeling at his door. What could he do before the ball tonight? A bit of reading? Perhaps he could get dressed and be early for a change? Or maybe he could head to the guard infirmary and see if any guards had been victims of today's kerfuffle.

A knock at his door made the decision for him and it didn't take long for Beck to open it back up, revealing the Head of Alchemy standing there looked a little flustered. Aislinn Brennan was a sweet-faced 30 year old woman who had beautiful long dark hair and bottle green eyes. She was amazing at what she did and any praise from her felt like Beck had been told he was the best in the universe. Of course, she wasn't here to give praise.

"Beck!" she said, pushing his door further open and waving a hand at him, gesturing at him to follow. "Good, you're back. A few of the guards were injured today. I need any available Alchemists to help out. You're free now, right?"

"Yes, yes, of course, ma'am," Beck nodded furiously, closing the door behind him and following Mrs. Brennan down the hallway. "Is it anything serious?"

"Nothing extreme, mainly just cuts and half a dozen gunshot wounds. I just need the extra hand. Haans is out setting up for the ball tonight," she kept her speed, leading Beck to the infirmary, waving her hands about as she spoke. Beck immediately noticed that her arms had splatters of red dotted up them, her hands clean from the gloves the must have been wearing.

She took a quick left and opened the door to the infirmary, Beck immediately realising that Mrs. Brennan had been quite right. It was easy to see they were mild wounds, and each of the guards looked up in excitement like puppies as the Alchemists found their way in. Beck hastily hung his coat on the rack and grabbed a pair of gloves and got to work, thoughts of the ball quickly leaving him as he began to concentrate.
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