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I've recently been watching the latest episodes and I've finally come to the conclusion, that for some reason, the pokemon battles in the anime aren't as good as they used to be? I don't know quite how to describe it.

I've found, especially during the Unova arc, that battles were really chunky and inconsistent. To clarify somewhat, I don't think they maintain the 'flow' that battles in previous seasons (even in the Sinnoh arc), had. Battles are either interrupted after most moves by characters who say something rather obvious and pointless or are interrupted after both sides have made their attacks. I've also noticed, for myself personally, that the pokemon battles have become a bit stingy and bland. Pokemon are too easily knocked out, and I've never really seen a pokemon battle in this arc where there's been a decent and consistent string of attacks.

A prime example of this is during one of the more recent episodes of the saga. Where, Cynthia and Caitlin battle it out and the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. (Mind you, this is only a rough example.) I was really looking forward to that battle, and I was heavily disappointed with how it turned out. The battle was chopped up into little blocks. It felt too systematic. Simply put, the battle didn't maintain any flow.

Caitlin attacked with flatter, Garchomp was confused. Let's stop here. Firstly, I don't understand with being a Champion and with battling with such a strong Pokemon, Cynthia wasn't able to avoid or somehow block flatter. It was almost like Garchomp just stood there. No scratch that, it did just stand there. Let's continue:

Useless dialogue. Caitlin then used Psychic. Useless dialogue. Cynthia attacked, then Caitlin blocked it. More useless dialogue.

See, the dialogue really annoys me, it breaks the battles up unecessarily, and for me, it really reduces the excitment and drama that pokemon battling should have.

Anyway, tell me your thoughts. I'm really interested to know! Do you share the same view as I? Yes? Cool! If not? Why not?
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