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    The man led them across the street to a pile of what was seemingly rubble. Bay looked at it momentarily confused until the man kicked back some rubble to reveal a door in the ground. Bay grow more cautious. It seemed Amethyst and this man weren't on the greatest terms with each other and for all they knew he could be leading them to a trap or an assault.

    As Bay proceeded at the tail of the group, just before he closed the door, he tried to see if there were a large amount of people, capable of posing a threat but to somewhat of a relief, there were only two other people further ahead. He noticed that he was fell behind the group so he caught up before the man noticed his suspicions and he followed behind the group until the man gestured at a set of chairs at a table. This man had a nice get up for such a chaotic world. The man sat down, the two people that Bay detected earlier were just two boys , who were Blaine's sons, but Bay still distrusted this man to an extent as he had taken a liking to Amethyst and Lucy. Bay silently sat down across from Amethyst, ready to put up a fight against anyone but hoping that his angst wasn't shown to the others. The man introduced them as Cinder and Cole. No sooner did the man introduce them, did they start a dispute with Amethyst. She taunted Cole and revealed something about him, he was a wielder.

    Cole, obviously offended, began to yell at Amethyst out of rage but he was silenced by his father. The man introduced himself, giving Bay a name to address him by, he also revealed that he knew Amy's father, and threw in the fact that Amy and his sons were once "Playmates". Bay didn't know if this man was being sarcastic as he felt pretty sure, if not for Blaine's presence, they would be fighting without much notice.

    "Anyways... Amy... I don't know why you're here, but you aren't supposed to be. Your parents were going to send you to the past, so you would never have to suffer through this world. I don't know why, but it looks like you were sent to the future, now, instead." Blaine took a moment to adjust his glasses. "Your parents didn't want you to see what they've done. This world is a terrible place. It's an atrocity."

    Bay was confused and filled with bewilderment. Was this girl something of a time traveler. He had read the sort of thing in books and comics he had scavenged dismissed it all as fantasy. He didn't know much about technology's current state but if this sort of thing was possibly. A few questions were in Bay's head. was the other boy a wielder? Were any of Blaine's family a threat to anyone's safety. There was little Bay could do but observed as he cast a look at Amethyst hoping that this would be explained to him now that he had taken full interest in it.

    First he wanted to answer one of his questions, the fact if the other boy, Cinder, was a wielder. Bay looked him with curiosity and came to prospect him as a wielder although he didn't know the extent of anyone's abilities here, including his own. Bay turned his gaze back to Amethyst.

    Who is this girl? he thought to himself, analyzing her.

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