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    Well, so I assume it is not necro-posting if I join in on this thread, since this IS the 'official' discussion archive, hm? =3
    So, I just wanted to figure out a few things I guess, if I may?

    #1 - I have some Let's Play guides from some of my friends and myself too. Did that thread ever become reality? The guide one, I mean? So we can post our guides and tips in there or should I just make a new thread myself and then people can reply to it with their inputs and thoughts?

    #2 - From what I have read, I am allowed to post some feedback for people who made an LP thread in this subforum, yes?

    #3 - I actually have another question I'd like to discuss. Does anybody care to join in maybe (I don't necessarily want to interrupt what is going on in here)? I'd love to figure out which Let's Plays are a bad idea to play (Basically like "Don'ts"), especially since my friend NiNi said how boring Pokémon LPs are in his opinion. I'd just love to hear some ideas about what people think would make for a "bad" LP (in the sense of boring) and what not. I am really curious; being a Let's Player myself. =)

    Mmm--I think that's it for now. =D

    Originally Posted by shadowenigmatv View Post
    where can you post your pokemon youtube videos to? you mean here on the forum? If so, you are in the right subforum. Make a new thread (check the rules first!) and then go! =O
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