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    This is just something I've been playing around with for a while. I have a wiki where I'm organizing some of the game's info here (or here if that doesn't work), but it's mostly a mess right now.

    So without further ado...


    The Naval region- a beautiful and isolated island country, home to many species of Pokemon seen nowhere else in the world. It has a deep and mysterious history, with many secrets not well known, and others lost to time entirely. But the best known is the Cataclysm- an event powerful enough to destroy a continent. Was it caused by Pokemon, or just a natural disaster? Nobody can quite say for sure.

    You've just moved to Springbud Town in Naval with your mother, and after a surprise encounter you've decided to head out on a Pokemon journey. Along the way you'll meet friends, rivals, and Pokemon of all sorts- as well as the mysterious group known as Sinistras, who believe the Pokemon responsible for the Cataclysm is going to reawaken soon, and who welcome its arrival...

    Meet over 160 new Pokemon! Foil a cult's evil plots! Uncover forgotten history! Collect gym badges and battle an unknown champion for the title of the strongest Pokemon trainer in Naval! All that and more, in Pokemon Orange Project!



    Beautiful Naval, in all its meteor-damaged glory.


    For more information, see here.
    *You- That's right, you! The player character, in other words. As the protagonist of this game, you've just moved from an unspecified foreign region with your mother, Astrid, to quiet Springbud Town in Naval. After a chance encounter with Sinistras, you decide to start your journey alongside the Pokemon Doctor Sable gave you. Comes in male and female varieties, of course.
    *Beige- A fresh-faced trainer who starts his Pokemon journey alongside you. Timid and kindhearted, he's not sure of his path yet, and he looks to the player for guidance. He takes the starter weak to the player's.
    *Sienna- A brash, bold-natured girl who confronts-and-or-ambushes the player multiple times during their journey. She wants to be the very best that ever was, but it seems she doesn't quite understand how to communicate with her Pokemon yet... She takes the starter strong against the player's.
    *Astrid- The player's mother, a cheery woman who used to be a Pokemon trainer herself. She's originally from the Naval region, though she moved away for a while, during which time she gave birth to the protagonist.
    *Professor Brown- The leading professor of the region, as well as the eight gym leader and the temporary champion after the last one up and left Naval to travel. He's often absent from one job due to working another, but a lot of the time no one even knows where he is. It seems like he's up to something shady...
    *Professor Amber- An up-and-coming Pokemon professor who used to work under Brown. She studies the evolution of Pokemon species- not the sudden transformations, but the small changes a species undergoes over time to adapt to a changing environment. She tells the player about the history and legends of Naval.
    *Doctor Sable- A part-time apprentice of Amber's, he studies Pokemon forms at the lab at Ceil, just west of Springbud. He also takes care of Brown's lab at Springbud when Brown is busy, which is where he is when the game starts; hence, he's the one who gives the player the Pokemon that will become their starter.
    *Elouise- An experienced trainer who likes to help newbies find their way. She belongs to the Ace Trainer class.
    *Sinistras- A mysterious group that rose in the years leading up to the player's arrival. They go around committing crimes in the name of the legendary Pokemon Doomsday, whose reawakening they await.
    *Team Pyre- A heroic group who worship Naval's ancient protector, Flareth. They aid the player against Sinistras.



    Fpr more information, see here.
    *Springbud Town- The peaceful little town the player starts off in.
    *Honeydew Town- A little town tucked into the forest, it contains the first gym. The leader, Chet, specializes in bug-type Pokemon.
    *Gainsborough- A town surrounded by ancient castles. The gym leader Blanche, who specializes in normal-types, also teaches at a small school there.
    *Arylide Island- A small island inhabited only by a mad scientist and his beautiful(?) granddaughter. Doctor Galvin runs the gym with his electric-type Pokemon, though Elektra has to step in every now and then when Galvin gets caught up in bis work.
    *Junebud Town- A town with a honey-producing farm and a good deal of trade. Royce runs the grass-type gym here. Despite the player reaching Junebud before Slate and Upsdale, the gym here is fought sixth.
    *Upsdale- the capital city of Naval and the largest settlement in the region, this city is built into the valleys and cliffs of the Elder Ridge mountain range, and is full of skyscrapers. When the player first arrives the city is occupied by Sinistras, and the ground-type gym leader, Terrance, is being held hostage.
    *Slate City- A city built on the side of a mountain. The gym-leader Hailey, who works with ice-type Pokemon, is good friends with Terrance.
    *Redwood City- the center of all of Navak's trade, this city is best known for the market laid out over its sprawling beach boardwalks.
    *Feldgrau Village- This tiny village holds much of Naval's past, as well as the path to the Pokemon graveyard and the legendary Mt. Caportuum.
    *Cordovan Town- Home to the Cordovan Library, which doubles as a ghost-type gym run by head librarian Medea.
    *Cadmium City- Sienna's hometown, and the location of the final gym.
    *Terra Rossa- Team Pyre's sacred ground and the legendary birthplace of Flareth. It's the site of the final battle for naval.

    (Planned) FEATURES


    *New things everywhere! A dex full of new Pokemon (over 140 and counting!), new region, new storyline, new moves, items and abilities...
    *In addition to that, a lot of makeovers for old things. I want to take advantage of this being a fangame that's pretty much disconnected from the real games and just tweak things- from the incredibly minor (changing Thunderfang and Thnderpunch's names to their spacing and case matches the other attacks in those sets) so the somewhat significant (Pokemon can now be pure flying-type or have Levitate and another ability as a matter of course) to the actually big (hey check out my shiny new typechart). Additionally, everything that gets carried over from the real games will have a reason to exist in Naval and Orange Project. Nothing will be grandfathered in just because it existed in a previous game.
    *A detailed overworld map with lots of little touches that make Naval come to life. I'm going to have a lot of overworld Pokemon the player can interact with, for example.
    *A new tutoring method called cross-tutoring, where a Pokemon can learn a compatible move from another Pokemon. (Meant to supplement egg moves since there'll be a lot less egg group overlap with only ~150 species, and because breeding is a pain )
    *Evolutions based on weather conditions.
    *TMs are multi-use but not infinite-use, and all can be reobtained in some fashion.
    *Walking Pokemon? Tiles redone to be actually 32x32 rather than resized 16x16 so the game can be played in GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION? I don't know!

    ... Yeah, it's not exactly groundbreaking- I admit it mostly exists as a platform for me to show off my fakemons. I do want to create this, but I also want to do as much of the work myself as I can, so until I can get RPGMaker and also get some programming experience, it'll just be a castle in the sky.

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