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    Name: Revyn Lennor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Dunmer



    Revyn Lennor was born in Windhelm, in the Province of Skyrim. Revyn's parents worked for the East Empire Company, Revyn's father Basil, working on a ship, the Red Fury, and his mother, Ira, as a clerk. Due to his father's occupation, Revyn barely knew his father. Revyn grew up in the Gray Quarter, a ghetto where all the Dunmer live. Revyn's family never had enough money, as Basil spent all his money while he was away and the East Empire Company vastly underpaid Ira. So, from a young age, Revyn was stealing to get food for his family, or money. Ira never knew where Revyn was getting all these things until Revyn, now fifteen, was caught stealing from a house. Revyn was thrown into jail for a year, a sentence Ira argued was unjust. Instead of considering what Ira was trying to say, the Nords killed her in the night. Revyn escaped jail in Windhelm, and fled the city to Shor's Stone, a small village south of Windhelm and North of Riften. Homeless, hungry, poor and desperate, Revyn started working at the mine in Shor's Stone. It was a tough living, and Revyn aspired for more, and moved south to Riften, home of the Thieves Guild. Revyn started by stealing only to keep himself alive, but then a certain Maven Black-Briar noticed Revyn's abilities, so Revyn became one of Maven's lackeys. Revyn started out by running errands, operating as a personal courier. Revyn operated as a Courier for eight more years, until he became fed up with the task and left Skyrim for good. Revyn moved to the Imperial City, where he once again went into the criminal side. Revyn became a much more successful freelance thief, pocketing large amounts of gold along with a large mansion in the Colovian highlands. Revyn kept up his successful career until a fated contract landed him in prison. This fated contract was to steal the totem of the Numidium. Revyn was placed in prison, but not without some tasty information. While in the Ayleid Ruin, Revyn found something to do with Akatosh's Hourglass, shortly before a tablet was found with similar context. Revyn decided, while in prison once again, that the Hourglass would be his last heist, then he would retire once and for all.

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