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    Game: Emerald
    Player Name: Shane
    Player Gender: Male
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    Mudkip(Shiny) Lvl.5 - Leftovers
    Cyndaquil(Shiny) Lvl,5 - Charcoal
    Umbreon(Shiny) Lvl5 - Blackglasses
    Espeon(Shiny) Lvl.5 - Quickclaw
    Pichu(Shiny) Lvl.5 - Light Ball
    Bulbasaur(Shiny) Lvl.5 - Lucky Egg

    Movesets for Team

    Mudkip: Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Double-Edge, Rain Dance
    Cyndaquil: Hidden Power(Grass), Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Will-O-Wisp
    Umbreon: Curse, Payback, Toxic, Baton Pass
    Espeon: Psychic, Shadowball, Toxic, Calm Mind
    Pichu: Volt Tackle, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Leer
    Bulbasaur: Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain

    If anyone has the time or patience to do this, It will be greatly appreciated.