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Originally Posted by eleme View Post
This is a great hack and I am currently playing it for the second time. Thank you alot for doing this :-)

The only change-worthy thing I noticed so far: The traded Maworak is not obeying me anymore from lvl 30 on. It would be nice if the max level for traded Pokemon could be changed a bit, so you don't run into that areas that easily.
Usually I would have leveld it higher at the electricity-Gym and would use it now for the fire-Gym, where I am currently having some major difficulties.

Another thing just came to my mind. However, that would be a rather major change and might not be in your interest:
Being able to refight the gym-leaders any time you want. That would make grinding a bit easier for people like me, who arent that well with all the tactics and tricks that come into play at that level.

The first one would be nice, the second one is just a spontaneous proposal.
I've never taken the time to learn these things, so I don't know if its even possible.

Thanks again and greetings :-)
Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not sure there is anything to edit the maximum trade obeying level per badge and with only four trades in-game I didn't really think it would have that much of an effect to be quite honest.

With the rematches, when I first released this hack I had Gym Rematches for a good while at the Battle Frontier but they became corrupt in terms of scripting so I had to remove them. You can still use the Pokenav Match Call to re-battle them however and I'm currently in the middle of editing a lot of things on the ROM and I may add Elite Four rematches at the Battle Frontier for training purposes.


Alright, so initially I was planning on just editing the Gyms to make the game more stategic since there was no real structure to their teams. Since looking into the ROM and looking through the maps, I found a multitude of errors that needed to be sorted such as map, item, scripts etc. After 3 days of work I decided to make it Beta 8.0 rather than Beta 7.7 since there has been a lot done since the last release and due to the fact that it's kind of a big step up.
I have also added new images to the Media section.

The following has been altered/added; In order of importance:
  • Complete overhaul of the Gym Leaders and Elite Fours in terms of movesets and items which are much more strategic with a few team changes here and there.
  • Elite Four rematches are now present at the Battle Frontier, you will find them in the house with the Signpost next to it.
  • Team Magma & Aqua Admins & Leaders now use more of their respected typing, which is Fire and Water. They also use stronger Pokemon with more tactical moves!
  • All rematch teams of Pokénav trainers that were previously unedited have now been edited. So their teams as you re battle them will be based upon their starting teams when you first battled them. Some trainers will go up to Level 70 and beyond which is great for training purposes.
  • The Elemental Stones (Fire, Water, Leaf & Thunder) have been relocated from the Fallarbour City Mart due to people missing out on the opportunity to take them; The new location is Lavaridge Town and the Fire Stone re-spawn should no longer occur.
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