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Chapter 1-3: Yes Ma'm, it is a Shiny

"I'm Fait. You're looking at my Pokemon - What's wrong with it? I don't know if it is ill, since it seems green. I don't know what to do, I'm scared that Sandshrew is ill..." Fait began to look through the aisles for different things.

"Well, it seems to be a..." Raiso began to speak, but noticed she had gone off. "Oh, okay." Raiso began to look at the Sandshrew closely. The green Sandshrew was an urban legend in Veilstone. Well, not that specific one, but oddly colored Pokemon. There was a certain gene that provoked it, called the Shiny gene- a term used a lot in underground Pokemon trade. However, Raiso had never seen one, and for good reason- shinies in Sinnoh were so rare, that they had a 2 out of 65,025 chance of appearing. They were commonly used in mythology-

Nonono, Raiso was thinking too much. He patiently waited for Fait, watching Rocky and Sandshrew play with each other, eagerly rolling and digging a little (Raiso hoped that they didn't make their holes too big). He smiled and held what he was buying in his hand. Fait soon returned.

"Sorry. Oh! The cashier gave me two Coin Toss apps. I only need one. Would you like it?" she said, while putting some small discs in the back of her Life Meter.
"It's OK. And yeah, I would like one, thanks!" Raiso gently took one of them. "Your Sandshrew is fine. He's a shiny- there's a lot of statistics about that- which is a Pokemon with a gene that makes it a different color. Can you take care of Rocky for a sec? I need to buy these items." Raiso quickly left, and he came back with two Town Maps, not getting a clock because he had a wristwatch right under where his sleeve ended (the Life Meter is hidden under the sleeve of his jacket). "To repay you, here's a Town Map. It'll probably come in handy later in your journey." Raiso happily gave the girl a Town Map, then put his own in his backpack. "So, um, yeah. You have a very special Pokemon there." He picked up Rocky and put the green Pokemon on his shoulder. "I have to go to Jubilife... I'm guessing Rowan told you about the Pokemon there?" He shuffled a bit. "It's my first time in these parts of Sinnoh, so..." Well, this was getting awkward... and I barely know this person... oh, well, here goes nothing!

He smiled. "Is it OK with you if we went together? I don't know what to expect around Route 202 and all that, and I don't know what'll happen at Jubilife... it would be nice to have some back up."
"Larva! Larva Larva!" Rocky said enthusiastically.
"Yeah, what he said...."
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