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    Originally Posted by Nara567 View Post
    I've inserted about 30 new sprites so far, and then I get to a Drapion sprite, and it breaks.

    What I mean by that is, when I look at it in-game, it's not a Drapion. At first, it's a blank sprite. However, I went to another Pokemon (Lucario, in this case) and back to Drapion. The sprite became that of Lucario's with Drapion's palette.

    I'm not sure what happened, since all of the other sprites have worked fine thus far.

    Fire Red, if it matters.
    Just wondering, what are you using to insert these sprites? I've had this problem plenty of times with Pokepic, mostly because I didn't repoint.

    Okay, so I'm trying to increase the number of OW's in Pokemon Ruby to 255. So far, I've repointed the first OW table (at 0x36DC58) that is just 217 pointers in a row, (I also changed the single pointer that points to it). I also have repointed the entire table it points to (0x37????, the table that OWERE reads) and then went back to the previous table and changed all of the pointers to match the new ones. Then I expanded both to have 255 values. I also adjusted the .ini in OWERE to the new locations. I can edit the first 217 OW's fine, but as soon as I try to edit the ones 218+, I get a "Error #9; subscript out of range" error message.

    I tried to see if it was poor hex coding by me, so, I repointed slot 255 to go to Brandons sprite and it worked fine in the game. However, when I went to look at it, I got the same error message. This leads me to believe that OWERE has a cap on the number of OW's you can have. Is there any way I can remove this?