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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    I think you misread what I said a little. I said that I ported the Mart theme from Emerald, and I also ported the Follow Me theme from Emerald. The Follow Me theme is NOT the mart theme. The R/S/E Mart theme will be used in the Celadon City department store, since I'm merging Pokemon Centers and Poke Marts.

    If you read the first post, I said that I'm not adding all Gen IV and V moves. I added 113 new moves, most from Gen IV, some from Gen V, and some custom moves. Scald was never in HG/SS, it's a Gen V move, and it's also a move that is one of the 113 added moves in DarkViolet.

    From the first post:

    And yes, Signal Beam is still a move. No moves were deleted.
    Yea, I didn't see the comma in the post. I did read the first post, just not as in depth. The music choice is fine, since it's your decision. Will you be releasing custom moves in screenshots?