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Daniel Williamson / Level 14
Floor 8 - Dovren

Daniel and Jet departed for the dungeon and made it there in rather quick time. The path to the boss was free from monsters, probably because they were mowed down by the onslaught of players. Daniel was a little disappointed at this, but there was nothing to be done about it. When they reached the door, Daniel felt a little under-leveled. He looked at the others around him and they seemed to be a lot more prepared than he was. It was his own fault, he'd spent so much time trying to save up for the house that the only levels that he got were from quests. However, where as everyone else had power, Daniel had speed and potions, and he was already rather confident. He was always a fan of Action RPGs such as Monster Hunter, where one could rely on dodging and even with a weaker weapon or weak armor could take on strong monsters, and he was fairly certain that the tactic would work here...but then again, Salathar was pretty darn large.

He walked into the room, in awe of the battle before him. It was beautiful; those on the front lines were constantly averting her attention away from one group and to another so as to minimize casualties and maximize damage, and it seemed to be working pretty well. Jet ran off with Dexter and someone else, so Daniel was alone for the time being.

"Hey, you got a team?" Said a rather light feminine voice behind him. He turned to the person who was talking to him. It was a girl of around 17 years of age, from what he could tell. She had long black hair and, from the looks of it, was American. She was about 5'7"-5'8"; her skin was a tan color and her eyes were dark blue and somewhat round. She was probably a higher level than him from the looks of her equipment. If he had to guess, she was probably around level 18, if not higher. She wore heavy armor, but some of her accessories and her weapon (which was a long sword) seemed to hint towards an emphasis on speed. "You look fast, maybe together we could strike as fast as lightning. Y'know, we'd be like Izanagi and Izanami!" Daniel was taken aback by her random knowledge of Japanese mythology...then again, he really had no reason to know that either. He smiled at the girl, who shot a smile right back at him. It was a strangely somber meeting, given that they were in the middle of a huge battle.

"Here, take this. I'd reckon that it's better than the weapon you have now." She opened her menu and took out a European inspired light sword. It was a lustrous silver color that was moderate in width and was for the most part thin with an ornamented guard. "I got it recently, but I prefer the weapon I have now. That sword is light and increases defense, so it should be perfect for you."

"You obtained "Benkei's Right Arm!"

"Thanks," Daniel said, equipping the sword. "We really should hurry into the battle, now, though." He said with a stern expression. The girl nodded, agreeing with him and readying her weapon. He invited her to his party and she promptly accepted. "Name's Daniel, pleasure to meet you," Daniel said with a smirk, readying his weapon.

"I'm Kagome, the pleasure's all mine." She said, flashing a smirk back at him. The two then turned their attention to the rampaging colossus and rushed towards it. They were about equal in speed, each one keeping up with the pace of the other. The two of them ran side by side, and sped up the moment the monster turned away from their direction. They jumped on her tail and ran up her back, slashing at the snake hair that threatened the players, and jumping back to the floor below them. They weren't able to look at if they had cut off the snakes as it was common knowledge that looking at any of a Gorgon's could mean turning into a statue, something they could obviously not afford. Instead, once they returned to the ground, they looked to see if any "strands" fell with them. Unfortunately, none did. They tried again two more times, the second time Kagome and Daniel used the arts Celestial Slash and Cross Strike (respectively). They managed to cut off two strands of hair that time, but that was all it took for the gorgon to be genuinely pissed off. It turned to them and, rather than attacking, stared at them. They were quick enough to look away, but it whipped its tail at them and they just barely dodged.

The two retreated and the gorgon averted its attention back to the Front Line attackers. Kagome looked around for a moment, and said, "This isn't a normal gorgon, it's a Lamia." This confused Daniel; from his experience, Lamia didn't have hair formed from snakes. She pointed to an area not too far off where people were making a commotion. They seemed less interested in Salathar as they were in...whatever they were doing. Daniel moved over to get a better view of the situation. Someone seemed to be lying on the ground with a sword in their chest. They seemed to have just died, as they were disintegrating into a mass of transient bits of data. He wasn't exactly sure why this was significant to Kagome; after all, they were in a closed room in the midst of a battle, it would have been the perfect chance for someone to pick off someone that they wanted to kill, for whatever reason...but then again, there was something very strange about the situation. No one seemed to be walking away from the situation, and no one seemed to missing their sword fact, the sword disappeared with man. In other words, it must have been suicide. Kagome noticed Daniel's look of realization and said, "You get it now? If we get caught in the Salathar's gaze...well, we'll become just like Izanagi and Izanami." This time she wasn't nearly as chipper in saying this, implying that she was talking about the rather grim and tragic part of the duo's story.

"Then we'll just need to make a change of tactics." He explained the new plan to Kagome, one that would aid them in shaving the gorgon's head and decapitating it. At the very least, removing as many eyes from her as possible was their priority, but it would also be the perfect chance to take down the beast. She nodded, and then the two readied their weapons yet again. They moved so that they were behind Salathar and then rushed at her.

When they were about halfway to her, Daniel drank his Mediocre Potion of Speed and then Kagome moved in front of him. Without missing a beat, Daniel sheathed his weapon and pulled out a giant sword called the "Tara Del Diablo", a sword that he created from the Golem's Ore that he obtained a while back. It was heavier than his regular sword, but he saved the Mediocre Potion of Speed for just such an occasion. Once they were close enough, Kagome quickly turned around and made a foothold for Daniel with her hands. Daniel stepped up and was launched into the air, using a Tornado Strike attack and cutting off some of the snakes. Right after launching Daniel into the air, Kagome darted up the back of the beast and yelled, "Switch!" Using another Celestial Slash to take down some of the snakes. She caught Daniel by the hand as he was falling and he yelled, "Switch!", using a Strong Thrust attack to force himself and Kagome back into the air and shaving off more snakes. Kagome again yelled "Switch!", performing a Downward Strike on the beasts head. After this onslaught of attacks, the two took to both sides of the beasts head, using her hair as one would use a vine in a jungle, and they both preformed a Celestial Slash on her both sides of her neck.
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