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    (No one notices the Chinook? Click here if you don't know what one is.)
    "Joshua" CHAPTER I,SECTION I: The Half Innocent Novice(Continuing)
    .."Don't run in here, you disturb all the things you mustn't mess with!" scowled the aide.
    "Uh.. sorry, I guess." Joshua chuckled nervously and started walking towards Rowan.
    "Ah, Kybol-" Rowan started to say but was interrupted.
    "I'm not Kybolt, Kybolt is no more." said Joshua.
    "Ah, Yes. You look quite alike." The Professor stated and restarted.
    "So, Joshua. You know with the ne-" The Professor was interrupted yet again.
    "I know! I know all the stuff about the Life Keepers and league!" Joshua interrupted and went over to the machine and put his hand under it and it swiftly came down locked a Metallic Life Reader.
    "And I know what you're going to say. 'Choose you first Pokémon' So no bother, gramps." He went over to the long line of Pokéballs. "I've thought about it a long time but I choose Sandshrew!" He went over to the Pokéball and opened, having it be revealed as being empty, he laughed nervously. "That one's been taken. You were a bit late, this morning."
    "No matter, I wanted Sneasel anyway." He touched the Pokéball and black ghostly chains emerged the from Joshua's arm and wrapping themselves around the Pokéball. And then they sink into the Pokéball. Sneasel bursts out with a great white light.
    "Hey, Sneasel! You need a cool nickname like Shadow Moon!" shouted Joshua.
    "Sneas-Sneasel!" He chanted.
    Joshua returned it to it's Pokéball and ran to the PokéMart.

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