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I'm not too happy about that. I've been using msn as a way of contacting my online friends since 2005, and I've grown pretty used to it. It's easy to share things, use custom emoticons and all that. I think WLM's popularity started to drop when they changed to 2010-2011 version. The lack of being able to change your name and the sudden disappearance of the pencil made a lot of people angry (just google it, the comments are usually negative). The forced switch from 2009 to 2011 a few months back wasn't very nice either. I understand why it has to happen, but I don't understand why they removed the two things that made msn so much much. I also have to add that the sudden integration of social networks isn't my cup of tea either.

I don't have facebook or twitter (and I'm not planning to any time soon)... therefore msn is will probably stay my main way of communicating with my global friends (and class mates). I only use skype for the occasional (very rare) video call, and I don't like it that much...
Something I must say is that a friend of mine isn't allowed to use skype on her (what do you call it) student chamber (?) because it supposedly asks too much from the internet. I don't think the change is beneficial for everyone.

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