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    Chapter 1-1: The Fish, Feebas

    Miles held the PokeBall in his hand. It was red, and white, and inside it would be his Pokemon- the fish, Feebas. Miles looked over to the figure hunched over, getting Miles some supplies- Professor Birch. He yawned. Why'd he have to wait for a PokeDex? It was, of course, that Birch had to quickly program it to react to Miles, since he wasn't expecting him to come by, but it wasn't something that would take half an hour. Just a few more minutes. Miles quietly tapped his foot. Then, out of impatience, he said, "can I come back in a bit?"
    "Yeah. Come back in a few minutes. I'll be done by then."
    "Alright. I'll go."

    Miles walked out and let out his Pokemon on a small pond. It was... not the best-looking. But hey, at least it wasn't a slug that was made out of magma and was prone to burning him anytime soon.

    "Hi there, I'm Miles. What's your name?"
    "I s'pose you don't have a name, do ya? They all call you Feebas, right?"
    "Feebas, Fee." The Feebas seemed to nod in agreement.
    "Well, I'm giving you a name. Birch said you were a guy." He thought for a moment. "You evolve into Milotic, right?" Another nod. "Then, I'll call you Milo. How does that sound?"
    "Feebas, Fee!" The Feebas jumped, nearly out of the pond- in agreement, of course.
    "Hey! Be careful there, alright!"
    "It's OK. Don't worry, bud. Let's go check on Birch, alright?"

    Miles opened the door slowly. He saw Birch. "Done yet?"
    "Yeah, here's your stuff!" Birch put 10 PokeBalls and a Pokedex on the table.
    "Oh, okay. Thanks." Miles put it all in his backpack.
    "Okay. Well, I would continue to have conversation, but, umm, I have desk-work to get to. The only advice is to go to Route 101, and challenge the gym leaders- or take on contests. Got that?"
    "Yeah, sure. I'll leave you alone."

    Route 101? OK, the Pokemon there: awesome. The actual route: not so much.

    Besides the fact that Miles had just awkwardly noticed that his Pokemon was named Milo- the similarity to his own name was weird- he had just stepped into Route 101. There was no way around the tall grass, so he decided that he had to fight a Pokemon and he had to deal with it. Although, maybe I can catch one in the process, Miles thought, and he began to walk in. It wasn't so bad at first- not a Pokemon to be seen, until...

    "Ow!" Miles shook his leg as it was tackled. That hurt. "Alright. Where are ya...." He swiveled around to come face to face with a Zigzagoon.
    "Zig! Zigzagoon!" It growled (and actually used the move at the same time) at him- almost playfully.
    "Alright, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get! Go, Milo!" The Pokemon came up on a puddle, right there and then. "Let's do this! Milo, use Haze!" A fog began to envelop the area, and Miles was blind. He wasn't sure what to say to his Pokemon. What was happening? Was Milo OK? As soon as he thought about that, heard Zigzagoon tackle the Feebas. And then, he heard it again. "Enough! Milo, use Brine!"
    "Feebas!" The Feebas used the move, and when it did, the Zigzagoon was drenched. The haze cleared up, and he saw the Zigzagoon. It shook off the water and growled- for some reason, it still seemed happy and playful to Miles, and then attacked Milo.
    Miles thought carefully. "Enough is enough." Miles pulled out his PokeDex. All his Pokemon knew was Haze, Brine, and Splash. Wait a sec. Splash! As the Zigzagoon growled, Miles yelled. "Milo, use Splash when he comes at you!"
    "Just do it, alright?"
    "Fee, Fee!" The Zigzagoon began to come in for a attack. Feebas seemed to concentrate on splashing... no matter how ridiculous it seemed. When the Zigzagoon was extremely close, Feebas used Splash, smacking the Zigzagoon- and thus hurting it, strangely enough. Miles couldn't believe that Splash would actually do any damage. The Zigzagoon backed off, crouching on the ground. Miles didn't hesitate- he threw a PokeBall and hoped it was caught.
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