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Fester and Rose
Rose pulled the nice shopkeeper aside, "Hey, we don't have any money you know." She said in a low voice, "Do you think we can make a deal?" She leaned in closer, "Me and Fester can go out and retrieve any item you need. Could be good for business." She pointed back to Fester, "His sword is as strong as my word." She held her hand out, "Do we have a deal?"

Fester looked around with the lowest of their party, "Soooooo, as a computer, what exactly are you programmed to do? I mean are you programmed to help players like us, or do you have a free will AI? The second one is cooler! Oh and do you know of a small child in the game? It seems weird she is here, in this world." The child was indeed still on his mind, maybe one day he'd come face to face with her and her NPC bodyguards.
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