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    Natsumi Aido - floor 8/Dovren - level 12

    As Natsumi heard the price, she seemed to be a little sad. The Shopkeeper said 800 cor… she only had 740 cor… only if she hadn't give Daisuke all of her savings, she could've bought that sword 10 times if she hadn't!

    Natsumi faced the shopkeeper with a determined look on her face. "i'm coming back for it…" she said to him. Natsumi then walked over to Kamui, wondering which sword he would take, he must have alot cor… i mean, look what he has been carrying around! Natsumi was sure alot players had bought stuff from him, esspecially teleport crystals were populair.

    Kamui choose for the ice sword, good choice Natsumi thought, but didn't say it out loud. "nice choice." oh well… she thought she hadn't said it out loud.

    Actually, the way Natsumi was dressed up, everyone could probely notice she had cleared alot of quests, she hoped it wouldn't give too much trouble later on. People might think she was in the beta test, or worse, they could think she's a beater.
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